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Located right outside of Lancaster and only an hour from Philadelphia, we are a nationally recognized studio that offers above and beyond industry standard results. Our final mixes hold to the absolute highest of industry standards. We offer a wide array of professional audio solutions, video work, and graphic design. We'd love to meet you, schedule a free consultation with us today.   

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WombatBeatz newest singles "Freelance models" & "Things We Don't Know" are steaming on all platforms!

recording studio
recording studio

Make each track count because you're only one record away.

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With the help of technology, anyone can say they have a studio with hardly any startup money invested and now, more then ever, there are basically no barriers around you recording your own music. Even if you have a completely decked out studio, you cannot buy a good ear. That takes passion, commitment, and time to develop. Plus, there is enough horribly mixed and produced music out there already. Don't add to the noise. Let Wombat Recording Studio help elevate your music to the next level. We commit to giving you above and beyond results that you just simply will not find anywhere else.

Make each track count because you are only one record away.


The Wombats

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Josh Joyce:

Josh is Lead Audio Engineer and Co-Founder. He picked up a guitar at the age of 10 and hasn't put it down since. He realized he wanted to make music his career while playing in the local music scene. His desire for excellence and passion for music has lead him into audio engineering as a career. Being a quick learner and a creative mind, Josh pours himself into every project he does. 




Dougie Taylor:

Doug is Audio Engineer and Founder of Wombat Studios. He is passionate about business and music. His passion for music began around 7th grade when he started playing the drums. Since then, he's started a few of his own businesses and fell in love with entrepreneurialism. Now focusing his attention on studio work, he's been able to combine both of his passions into one business.

Our Newest Addition is WombatBeatZ 

Although we've been been making instrumentals and producing for a few years now, we've recently shifted a lot of our focus to selling, leasing, and producing for Pop and Hip-Hip artists.

Studio Lititz

We also make Pop under WombatBeatz

Our newest single, "Freelance Models" is out now on all streaming platforms 

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