Wombat studios was founded to provide quality recordings at a reasonable price. Whether you're a videographer looking for the perfect wedding video soundtrack, or a musician in search of a place to record your work, Wombat Studios offers a full range of creative ability along with equipment and know-how necessary to produce something of which you can be proud.

We know how it is as musicians trying to get started. Finding the right recording studio can be the most difficult decision when trying to reach an audience. Wombat Studios are dedicated to creating high-quality recordings while working with you from start to finish, all for a comfortable price. It is also important that we share your vision of what you want to accomplish through your music. 



Josh Joyce:

Josh is Lead Audio Engineer and Co-Founder. He picked up a guitar at the age of 10 and hasn't put it down since. He realized he wanted to make music his career while playing in the local music scene. His desire for excellence and passion for music has lead him into audio engineering as a career. Being a quick learner and a creative mind, Josh pours himself into every project he does. 

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Dougie Taylor:

Doug is Audio Engineer and Founder of Wombat Studios. He is passionate about business and music. His passion for music began around 7th grade when he started playing the drums. Since then, he's started a few of his own businesses and fell in love with entrepreneurialism. Now focusing his attention on studio work, he's been able to combine both of his passions into one business. 

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